Exhibition and Event organisers have specific logistics needs. Very often, the exhibitions or events have multiple stops on their tight shipment schedules. Hence, Organisers need a reliable and experienced logistics professional with a good international network to accommodate the transfer of exhibits, instruments or props from one destination to another. It is also imperative that the exhibits, instruments or props arrive promptly and in good shape.

PSL has the complete solution to meet these needs.

Starting with the transport of the exhibits and stand building material from the point of origin up to the stand manual, with forklifts and crane Phoenix shipping does it all. Furthermore, we organize handling of empties and all formalities including customs clearance.

PSL staff are highly experienced in orchestrating the full range of logistics services required by event organisers and exhibitors. These include the professional transport of bulky exhibits from the customer's factory, delivery to the booth, assistance with construction and dismantling work, and handling all paperwork.

For the duration of the event, PSL is there to support its customers, allowing them to concentrate on their business. And after the show, the company will take care of transporting exhibits safely back home, storing them, and forwarding them to a buyer or directly to the next exhibition regardless of its location.