For those less urgent consignments that customers nevertheless want to ship faster than sea freight Phoenix Shipping offers an ideal, cost and time-effective Sea/Air service.

A pioneer of the Sea/Air Freight concept, Phoenix Shipping provides the supply chain solution for merchants looking for a significant cost advantage or those operating with low inventories in rapidly changing industries such as electronic, fashion and footwear.

The company ships the cargo to a transit point, where it then switches from vessel to carrier and continues by air - or vice versa. Consignments can thus be forwarded in a timeframe with the least of cost that either mode of transport doesn't individually achieve.

This combination, however, calls for expert coordination skills. In order to avoid any possible delays, Phoenix Shipping's air and sea freight specialists work hand in hand from the outset. Combining their respective expertise, each Sea/Air solution is tailored to customer requirements and provides a transport option that is highly reliable and at the same time economically interesting.

Fast and flexible, our Sea/Air service enables shippers to save up to one third on "all air" costs and 40 per cent on "all sea" transit times.